California beckons to Canadian women in technology

California is the place to be for technology companies, from scrappy start-ups looking for venture capital to commercialize their products and services to Fortune 500 multinationals locating there to catch the latest trends—and while it can be a tough market to crack, initiatives are in place to help Canadian businesswomen break-in.

“I want to be CEO” — How Heather Kernahan voiced her dream to make it happen

“I want to be CEO” — How Heather Kernahan voiced her dream to make it happen

Heather Kernahan ended up in Silicon Valley when the Toronto tech company she was working for was acquired by its largest competitor. Her next steps — which eventually led her to becoming President of North America for Hotwire PR — were entirely under her control.

The Power of One

Often we think that we need more in life in order to find success. And while sometimes we do need more --- more customers to buy our products -- more team members to help us scale --- more people to engage on our social channels -- or more products and more markets to generate sales, I want to share a few examples where the power of one is all you need.

Inspirational Connection - Mona Sabet

Seven months ago I went to an Alley to the Valley event at the invitation of my friend and inspiration Anat Baron. Anat actually deserves her own Inspirational Connection post, which I will write one day soon since we have something very interesting cooking together. So stay tuned for that! 

But tonight, I'm going to write about my serendipitous connection with Mona Sabet

How to digitally disrupt your boardroom

Buzzwords come and go, but it seems disruption is continuing to increase.

How do we know? Take a look at the many different, long-standing industries that are slowly but surely being disrupted.