Collision Conference

May 20th - 23rd, Toronto, Ontario

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Connecting Alberta Startups to Silicon Valley

Here are the Alberta startups that are attending Collision and we’d love to connect you to them!

Contact us if interested! - a conversational business intelligence platform that makes data analysis easy for anyone. Just ask.

CraftTapp - connecting thirsty people to the local alcohol industry through on-demand delivery, subscription services & machine learning recommendations

GOAT Generation Food - An industry disruptor mobile APP that revolutionizes the way communities reduce food waste through food sharing with a unique business model

Instant Grid - InstantGrid is a platform that connects open data providing location intelligence, mapping visualizations, and location analytics api.

Koridor Inc - help service companies unify their operations, all in one software.

Made It Legal - Lawyers are scary. We’re a digital law firm that isn’t. Start up your company, customize your contracts, and get legal advice plans, online. - a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange offering individuals and institutions a world-class experience to safely trade and store digital assets.

Possibleworks - an integrated SAAS platform for driving High Performance, an Engaged Workforce & to create a Culture of Innovation

T2M - T2M aka Text-to-Marketing is a link management Saas platform which provides URL shortening service. T2M is all about service with NO limits

VeloGuide - A mobile platform connecting traveling cyclists to local Guides and high-quality bikes around the world

VictoryLab - A research-based platform to improve organizational culture and performance while providing anonymous Here and Now™ mental health support. - Are you tired of having internet issues and not knowing how to fix it? WUX makes your data network smart and self-healing.

ZeroKey - Revolutionary wide-area indoor positioning technology providing building-scale millimeter-level 3D tracking in a dime-sized IoT sensor. is a growing community of outdoor lovers providing free online route-guides for hiking, biking, skiing, and more. 10Adventures is expanding, creating an Adventure Tour Marketplace.

4D Driving Technologies Inc. improves driver safety by eliminating unsafe distractions from mobile devices while driving. Its patented 4D SafeHalo has the ability to identify and block the driver’s phone when the vehicle is in motion, while still allowing important functions to be available.

Ambyint, Inc. is an optimization solutions provider that uses advanced technology and analytics to provide enhanced real-time visualization and control of well sites.

Bidali provides technical, compliance and financial infrastructure, bridging the gap between traditional finance and next-generation blockchain-powered commerce, making it cheaper, easier and less risky to do international business.

Bootkik is a platform that allows business experts, workshop owners and keynote speakers create tangible guides that break down business outcomes into sub-tasks.

Bull Bitcoin facilitates bill payments and a host of other services for bitcoin.

Communo connects people to projects and projects to people, fast! Communo is a sharing economy where agencies and solopreneurs in marketing and digital services thrive through the giving and getting of work and the sharing of vital resources.

Crux OCM (Operations Control Management) provides "auto-pilot" for control room operators utilizing AI and Machine Learning in combination with advanced control technologies. Crux OCM is able to provide control room operators with the tools needed to start-up and adjust flow rates efficiently.

FarCloser Travel Inc. connects people through travel by facilitating the discovery and booking of unique multi-day tours provided by niche operators worldwide.

Fenoto Technologies Inc - Fenoto has developed a system that use e-paper for three use cases - collaborative calendar, display and static/mobile advertising.

Giraffe Financial Inc. aggregates, researches and analyzes financial data for both consumers and financial professionals.

Ingu Solutions provides a cost effective, easy-to-use solution to screen the Oil & Gas operators' entire pipeline infrastructure. Ingu’s Pipers® offer universal pipeline access using smart sensor technology capable of navigating even the smallest pipelines under the most challenging conditions.

Lawcubator Technologies (P) Ltd. is a platform in workplace gender equality, discrimination and diversity-related legal compliances in Canada and India. The platform is uniquely designed to ensure holistic and efficient management of all issues related to workplace safety.

Link Investment Management is a B2B platform for employers to offer all employer-sponsored compensation plans, including savings, equity & health, on a single dashboard. Link simplifies plan execution, administration and reporting for both employees and administrators.

MicroMech automates automotive service with remote diagnostics and prescriptive services. MicroMech’s connected car device tells drivers when they need service, provides a fixed price and lets a user book a mobile mechanic with one click.

MowSnowPros is an on-demand landscaping services app that lets users request a one-time, same-day lawn mow or snow removal.

Neuraura Biotech Inc. unlocks the brain with sensors, hardware and software for a range of research and clinical applications including an epilepsy surgery system.

Nobal Technologies produces the world’s most advanced interactive mirror.

RoboGarden Inc. is a game-based suite, teaching coding for all skill levels from beginner to professional.

Tua Financial Technologies - Blending technology and humanity to make affordable financial products available throughout the world.

Unico Power Corporation is a power management company that automatically spreads a building or home’s larger electrical loads, such as electric vehicle charging, over a longer period of time and shifts them to periods of lower demand. 

Veerum Inc brings certainty to capital project delivery ensuring industrial construction projects are executed as planned.  VEERUM’s Digital Twin is a cloud-based SaaS platform which matches project plans to reality, digitally verifying construction quality and progress. 

Virtual Gurus provides a virtual assistant marketplace for businesses to access profiles with star ratings and choose their own pre-vetted Virtual Assistant based on their unique requirements including skillset, communication style and industry experience.

Vitruvi is a B2B platform solving integration challenges in the horizontal infrastructure construction space, such as 5G, fiber networks, utility construction and energy construction.

White Whale Analytics applies AI to help companies lower the cost of predictions and increase the efficiency of assets. White Whale has recently launched an analytics platform, Deep Sea.

ZayZoon is a financial wellness company that offers employees access to their wages as they earn them, keeping employees away from predatory lenders and high cost overdraft fees.

Alberta Key Stakeholders Also Attending:

Calgary Economic Development - We collaborate to advance opportunities in achieving economic success, embracing shared prosperity and building a strong community for Calgary.

Edmonton Global - the first fully regional economic development company for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. 

Startup Edmonton - connects entrepreneurs with a vibrant community, learning opportunities through workshops & mentorship, and workspace.

Startup Calgary - helps your ideas become reality and creates exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to connect and collide.