Corporate Innovation Events


June 25, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Built to change



At Connection Silicon Valley we’re fortunate to get the chance to connect with many of Canada’s leading corporate change makers - everyday. We hear you’re exhilarated by the curiosity and challenge of the innovation journey and the scale of the opportunities. We also hear you’re weary from managing risk and expectations. The pain that comes from changing “the way things are done.” And with that, the vulnerability which accompanies breaking the mold and the tenacity to overcome decades-old forces.

Change is never easy and shifts in strategy always face barriers on the way to execution. The bigger the change, the bigger the barriers.

And in the midst of rapid business evolution, even accomplished leaders can struggle to adapt themselves and gain the new skills, tools and practices critical to achieve the lasting culture change needed to sustain innovation efforts.

A day of ideas and connections

This June, Connection Silicon Valley and partners will host the second edition of Built to Change, a unique day-long experience built around thought-provoking content, peer problem-solving and learning by doing. This year we see the innovation organization in evolution, gaining maturity and more aware than ever of the role of culture and mindset in shaping - and sometimes breaking - innovation efforts.

Through examining and experimenting with a series of mindsets, strategies and personal practises, curious and contemplative leaders will learn how to better identify and eliminate the internal barriers to delivering breakthrough work and ideas.

We’ve condensed the best of our insights and programming in sessions that will cover:

  • How to identify and engage a strong network of aligned and motivated peers to promote innovation, break silos and surface your blind spots

  • Learn a systematic method for dissecting challenges, understanding stakeholders, defining and mapping change and communicating it across the organization

  • Discover the communication rhythms and rituals that can help you move quickly, minimize slowing silos and keep customer needs first

  • Experience what it means to have a ‘growth’ mindset, learning how to develop a more helpful lens when experiencing change and setbacks with a toolbox of resources to use when times get tough

  • Explore the emotional culture of your organization and how understanding what people want to feel and not feel at work can help you develop triggers and behaviour change strategies for increasing openness, loosening control and other damaging innovation blockers.

  • Unpack what trust really means, the behaviors that help to build and break it and its importance in rapidly changing organizations. Get to the emotional roots of your own trust behaviors and learn how to improve.

Business-Challenge Work Groups

If you enjoy our work, you will find kindred spirits. You’ve shared that the chance to meet other members of the diverse and bright community of Connection Silicon Valley has been highly valuable - in June we wanted to try something new out. Business-challenge work groups will give participants a chance to gather and apply the best practices and lessons learned from the fellow attendees (plus fresh insights from the program) to your organization’s specific short- and long-term challenge.

Before the program begins, you will be asked to provide our organizers with a brief description of a specific challenge your organization is facing with respect to innovation or change. Work groups will be organized based on the similarity of challenges and a selection of attendees chosen to share their stories. During the program, you, your work group, supported by a facilitator will explore the challenges and discuss solutions.

Shared lessons, a take-home toolkit and a new community

Our sessions have been designed to give fresh insights around the biggest themes in innovation and leadership. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, provided with space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other open-minded individuals and given new tools, practices and prompts to take back to the office and use straight away.

These sessions are designed by experts and taught by members of our team and partners. They include a mix of lecture, self-reflection, conversation and group activity.

We look forward to a stimulating day together and hope we see you there!

Fall 2018

Supply Chain Innovation Immersion

San Francisco


Connection Silicon Valley is bringing together supply chain and logistics executives for an immersive 2 1/2 day program in Silicon Valley.  Executives interested in emerging technologies such as automation, data analytics, IoT and drones will be introduced to investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts and corporate innovation peers. You will also learn how technologies like AI and blockchain are transforming the supply chain.

-- Trip Goals --

Understand Silicon Valley's Culture of Innovation | Faster Adoption of Emerging Technologies

Drive Digital Transformation


Limited to 8 non-competitive corporate executives from all industries.  

Email us for more information and to receive an invitation.




April 24th, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Corporate Innovation Dinner & Lessons from Silicon Valley



We are bringing together curated group of extraordinary thinkers and doers for a hands-on and open dialogue around how innovation is disrupting your business and what is holding you back from transformative change.

Space is limited. Limited to Director level and above. 

Memorable and distinctive, our evening will prompt personal reflection and storytelling, placing an emphasis on connecting through our own experiences, today’s big questions and lessons learned. Please come prepared to participate and to share your own experiences, fears, hopes and successes. 

Brought to you in partnership with Lab351, the Globe and Mail Innovation Lab, a place for employees to bring great ideas that can either solve business problems or potentially create new lines of business.