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Join other innovation professionals for a workshop full of insight and wisdom for change-makers as we bring Silicon Valley to Toronto.

Connection Silicon Valley, in partnership with THNK, and the Chasm Institute present Built to Change, the first in a series of innovation summits and workshops designed for the corporate innovator. Dive into the new playbook for corporate innovation and expand your thinking at this one-day interactive program

This workshop is designed with disrupters in mind. Through facilitated sessions, you'll learn and apply the best practices around the procedures, approaches, and leadership tactics for building a sustainable pipeline of ideas and solutions for organizational innovation.

Themes we'll explore


  • Breaking through Innovation Road-Blocks

  • Designing Cultures for Innovation

  • Best Practices for structuring Innovation Programs

  • Networking for success

  • Awareness through self-assessment

  • Adopting a Continuous Learning mentality

  • Tools and techniques for maximum impact



  • You'll complete a personalized Innovation Readiness Assessment to determine where your organization stands today

  • Leadership: Learn the most important mindset shifts and skills to effectively engage and align stakeholders around disruptive efforts 

  • How organizing as a network of peers, customers, and external partners motivated by a shared purpose can help propel innovation efforts across the company

  • Understand success metrics you can implement and how to best engage with other peer innovation team members

  • Prioritize and design effective market and product innovation challenges to grow and scale your company

  • Capitalize on emerging tools that will help you execute against your innovation plan


Featuring Interactive Sessions by top Corporate Innovation experts


Joanne Fedeyko
Connection Silicon Valley


Sarah Dickinson
THNK School of Creative Leadership



Tobias Yergin
Chasm Institute

A facilitated day of interactive sessions for Innovation professionals

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”

- Steve Jobs      

McKinsey Experience Studio
23 Sultan Street Toronto ON M5S 2B8


Join us to connect with other corporate innovation leads for information sharing and a deeper understanding of how to apply the Silicon Valley mindset and successful frameworks in your organization.


For questions and further inquiries please contact us at support@connectionsiliconvalley.com