"Entrepreneur and Investor Holiday Mixer: Investing in Women Panel Discussion"

• Speakers included: Vivian Cheng, Investor @ Cota Capital; Amy LaMeyer, Investor & Advisor @ Entering VR; Jennifer Vancini, General Partner @ Mighty Capital; Jon Vlassopulos, Managing Partner @ A-Force Ventures & Zaynep Zorlu, Investor @ TRPE Venture Partners.

• 70 Attendees that included various women's networks, startup founders and investors

"Finding your First Enterprise Customer"

• Speakers included: Heather Kernahan, President North America @ Hotwire; May Habib, CEO & Founder @ Qordoba & Michele Perras, General Manager @ Pivotal Software

• 80 Attendees that included various women's networks, founders and employees

 "Women. Power & Money - Changing the Gender Ratio in Investing"

• Speakers included: Trish Costello, CEO & Founder @ Portfolia; Bubul Gupta, Board Chair @ Upaya Social Ventures @ Annette Poliwka, Angel Investors

•  50 Attendees that included angel and venture investors