Joanne Fedeyko, CEO

I'm a believer of radical generosity and I've built a company around making meaningful connections to help people succeed. 

Previously I was the Executive Director of C100 Association, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Canadian entrepreneurs connect into Silicon Valley, where I built an extensive network across Canada's startup ecosystem along with an influential network in the Valley. 

I am passionate about supporting women in tech and I have formed a network of Canadian women in the Valley to advise female founders and help women in technology roles gain deeper connections into Silicon Valley. 

I grew up along the 59th parallel in Northern Alberta. My career has been everything but a straight line.  I realized that the my "normal", living in the Bay Area since 1999, is not normal outside of the bubble I now call "home" ... but I love it! The pace, the ideas, the excitement, and the urgency that exists here is addictive. And we get shit done. 

I have always enjoyed connecting people and becoming passionate about their purpose, so I'm excited to see how we can work together.  

Let's connect!


Stefania Guadalupe Vallejo   Technology & Innovation Analyst

Stefania Guadalupe Vallejo

Technology & Innovation Analyst

 Sudha Rajendran   Business Analyst   

 Sudha Rajendran

Business Analyst


Chantal Olayo   Executive Assistant

Chantal Olayo

Executive Assistant