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Our prestige list of “Valley Ready” Canadian startups

Connection Silicon Valley is the premier resource for Canadian startups looking for expertise, advice, and investment in Silicon Valley, Canada, and beyond. With a network of over 5,000 investors, founders, corporate partners, government, academia and influencers, and a combined social media following over 10,000, we get you noticed and connected to people you couldn’t reach on your own.

Studio 49 members get introduced to our curated list of Investors, moving you to the top of their inbox. And if you aren’t “Valley Ready”, we have the expertise, training, mentorship and advice to get you there. Studio 49 is available to vetted Canadian startups for a small monthly fee.

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Studio 49 Benefits

Studio 49 is a subscription service for Canadian startups looking for venture investment in the Valley. Canadian startups are featured to over 150 leading investors in our network. Benefits include:

  • Be a part of an exclusive club where only 10 startups are selected and featured each week to leading investors in our network

  • Startups are listed on CSV website for additional exposure

  • New investors are added each week for ongoing exposure

  • CSV will feature each startup in an individual Twitter post the week you join (exposure to over 2,500 followers)

  • Startups will be included in our weekly Startup Roundup on LinkedIn (exposure to over 8,000 followers)

  • Direct introductions made to investors that express an interest in your startup

  • Pose questions and join CSV’s Ask Me Anything bi-monthly video call

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