The Power of One

Often we think that we need more in life in order to find success. And while sometimes we do need more --- more customers to buy our products -- more team members to help us scale --- more people to engage on our social channels -- or more products and more markets to generate sales, I want to share a few examples where the power of one is all you need. And as I do, I'm going to give a shout out to those men and women who have been my "one" and for whom I am b.yond grateful to have in my life. 

The Power of One Event 

On a few occasions I've written about that one person that I met at an event who has impacted my life in a meaningful and magical way. And the more events that I go to, the more times I leave having found that one person whom I'm excited to get to know and bring into my professional and personal world. 

So next time you walk into an event - do two things:

  1. Watch for someone who looks like they share your same values ... and pay special attention to those that are not trying to be seen or heard. 
  2. Be curious and open to serendipitous collisions - sometimes there is no rhyme or reason - it is simply the guy seated next to you.

Thanks to Metabridge, C100 Canada House Launch, Alley to the Valley, Portfolia Open House, Bennett Jones Business Forum and Milestone Mapping @ NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center for bringing me meaningful connections. 

The Power of One Coffee

If you live in Silicon Valley, and are in tech, you get asked out for a LOT of coffees. It feels great to have someone want to meet you and express an interest in your experience and advice --- but it also takes up time and sometimes it isn't always convenient. That said, rarely has there been a coffee that I haven't enjoyed and been grateful for accepting - or in some cases, happy that I reached out and did the ask myself. 

Advice for your next coffee date:

  1. Ask the person what they are working on and why it excites them. Let them talk and share their passion or purpose. 
  2. Express a genuine interest in getting to know them. Authenticity trumps experience and credentials for meaningful connections every.single.time. 
  3. Watch for your own growth opportunity - often I've walked away feeling that I've gotten more out of the coffee than the other person by simply listening.

Grateful for my first coffee (and wine) dates with Anat, Carol, Katya, Jan, Kasey, Jeff, Michele, Ronit, Krista, Catherine, Chris ... and many, many more!

The Power of the One Introduction

Equally as often, we get asked if someone can make an introduction --- they believe strongly that either you or the other person will benefit from the connection. And that introduction is not only done by someone who often evangelizes on your behalf, but lends strength to your credibility and character. I've had some amazing outcomes and some healthy business referrals by one simple intro. 


  1. Ask the simple question "How can I help?"
  2. Always "Pay it Forward". 

Enormous thanks to: Sanjay > Humera; Chris > Tony; Canadian Consulate > Marc > Rosemarie; Dan > Rebecca; Sean > May & Sandi & Niki; Sandra > Tracie, and Tom > Ben. 

The Power of the One that has your Back

These are more rare to find and receive --- and they should be because this is someone that sticks their neck out for you and can be the difference between a really terrible situation or a really amazing one. They raise their hand when they see you being treated unfairly ... They choose to not engage with an organization that displayed unprofessional behavior ... And they make sure that people know your value, character and worth. They often are the small shimmer of hope when life can feel too heavy. 

The only tip I have is to watch closely for these magical people and return the favor. 

My heartfelt thanks to Scott, Andrew, Marcus, Mike, Scott, Nagar and Tim. 

Gather many things in life, but value those few who lift you up and bring you countless moments of joy and hope.