Connection Silicon Valley Launches First Canadian Women’s Network in Silicon Valley

Calling all Canadian female founders and women in tech seeking
to gain access in Silicon Valley


May 22, 2018, San Francisco: Connection Silicon Valley, an organization that helps companies collaborate, innovate, and partner with Silicon Valley's world-renowned technology ecosystem, has announced the launch of the first Canadian Women’s Network to be established in Silicon Valley. The Canadian Women’s Network sets out to support female founders and women in tech to scale their business, drive economic growth and bring foreign investment dollars into Canadian companies through active engagement and participation of the network. Registrations are now open for the Canadian Women’s Network Launch Week events, being held June 11-15, in San Francisco.

Spearheaded by Joanne Fedeyko, CEO of Connection Silicon Valley, the Canadian Women’s Network aims to build important bridges for Canadian founders and executives by bringing together more than 30 ex-pat Canadian women with significant experience and deep networks in Silicon Valley. Founding Connectors include Cathy Han, CEO of Canadian startup success story, 42 Technologies, Catherine Courage, VP Ads & Commerce User Experience at Google, Jennifer Vancini, Investment Partner at Mighty Capital, Heather Kernahan, President North America at Hotwire PR and Joan Dea, Corporate Director at Cineplex and Charles Schwab, early-stage investor and Advisory Council Member of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards.

“It has been estimated that women-led startups recorded 2.2% of total VC funding in 2017. Our aim is to accelerate the representation of successful women-led startups by supporting Canadian female founders and women in tech gain access to Silicon Valley and create a ground swell for women to succeed,” commented Joanne Fedeyko, CEO of Connection Silicon Valley.

The inaugural Canadian Women’s Network Week includes pitch feedback, office hours and roundtables that will cover topics such as:

  • How to find your first enterprise customer
  • When and how to build strategic alliances
  • How to build a company for successful exit
  • Top tips for talent acquisition and hiring
  • How to expand internationally
  • How to develop your media and positioning strategies
  • How to build a developer community on your technology platform

The Canadian Women’s Network Launch Week will be hosted at the Canadian Landing Pad, housed at The Vault SF, 415 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California. Registrations are required to attend the events.

The Canadian Women’s Network is one of a number of initiatives that Connection Silicon Valley runs to help connect Canadian businesses to Silicon Valley. Connection Silicon Valley recently launched the Canadian Landing Pad, which provides a central location for Canadian startups to base themselves when visiting Silicon Valley. Located at The Vault SF, the Canadian Landing Pad provides Canadian startups access to co-working and meeting spaces, office hours, networking opportunities and startup community events. In addition, Connection Silicon Valley helps enterprises to drive innovation by providing immersion programs and scouting assignments to connect corporates with the most exciting and innovative startups to collaborate, connect and partner with.

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