Silicon Valley is the most innovative place in the world.

It attracts the brightest people and their endless supply of ideas. You should be part of this. It's where dreams begin. 


Silicon Valley is an incredibly collaborative place, and we can connect you with the amazing people who make it tick. You're going to love tapping into their talent, experiences and network. We'll make the right connections, so you can grow your company, connect your startups, launch your co-op program, or build an ex-pat community. Tell us what you want from the Valley, and we'll get the introductions underway.

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Joanne Fedeyko, CEO

I'm a believer of radical generosity and I've built a company around making meaningful connections to help people succeed. 

Previously I was the Executive Director of C100 Association, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Canadian entrepreneurs connect into Silicon Valley, where I built an extensive network across Canada's startup ecosystem along with an influential network in the Valley. 

I am passionate about supporting women in tech and I have formed a network of Canadian women in the Valley to advise female founders and help women in technology roles gain deeper connections into Silicon Valley. 

I grew up along the 59th parallel in Northern Alberta. My career has been everything but a straight line.  I realized that the my "normal", living in the Bay Area since 1999, is not normal outside of the bubble I now call "home" ... but I love it! The pace, the ideas, the excitement, and the urgency that exists here is addictive. And we get shit done. 

I have always enjoyed connecting people and becoming passionate about their purpose, so I'm excited to see how we can work together.  

Let's connect!


Our Partners

We work with a core set of trusted partners to help companies connect, scale and innovate.



THNK is a School for Creative Leadership with a community of over 400 leaders innovating from a range of social, commercial, corporate and public sectors. Each global THNK Home shares the mission to catalyze innovative solutions to the world’s societal challenges through experiential learning programs.

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Chasm Institute helps high-tech companies learn, apply, and operationalize best practices in market development strategy. These best practices are based on Geoffrey Moore's best-selling books Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, Living on the Fault Line, Dealing with Darwin, and Escape Velocity plus hundreds of client engagements with high-tech companies. 

RocketSpace's global network of technology campuses and corporate innovation services are designed to help the world’s top tech startups grow.


Brand Innovators Labs creates win-win partnerships with disruptive startups and major brands.

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