"I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for having arranged the Canadian Women's Network Launch Week. You are truly making a huge impact in the life of Canadian Entrepreneurs, and I am glad to say that I am one of them.

Because of this event, I came to California for the first time in my life. Until last week, I was seeing the Valley as unapproachable at this time, considering the current early stage of Optimal Efficiency. After an incredible week rich in invaluable experiences, I have to thank you and your team. I am now back in Vancouver with a totally new perspective about the Bay Area: A place of tremendous collaboration and support.

My week in the valley is unforgettable. Many thanks for your tremendous initiative!"

Karine Samson, Founder & CEO - Optimal Efficiency


"Thanks @ConnectSV for a valuable fast-paced week in the Valley pitching Interface Fluidics to investors and making great connections. Honoured to have been selected in this strong cohort."

Kirstie Boyle, Director, Market Development - Interface Fluidics 


"Thank you Connection Silicon Valley and Joanne Fedeyko! It has been a week full of learning and networking. Honoured to be part of this cohort and to spend time with these fantastic Canadian startups. Thank you all for your coaching and advice! Time to take it all in, and keep moving forward!"

Beatriz Morelo Sanchez, Co-Founder - SEEO2 Energy


"I want to thank you for inviting me to San Francisco, it was eye-opening, motivating and inspiring and I can't wait to get back. (...) Sending you my best with encouragement to keep up the amazing work, to keep reaching and best of luck with whatever is next on your horizon."

Esmeralda Smith Romero, Founder & CEO - Olive + Elliot